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Multi location website / landing page design & Hosting

Plumbers, Locksmiths, Garage Door repairs, Appliance Repair, Water Damage, Mold Cleanup or any professional who want to have 50 or more websites ONE for each location.

Want to have a website landing page with it's own domain in more than one area? e.g. plumberlondon.co.uk, plumberstreatham.co.uk and so on.... you have arrived at the right place.

Minimum order of 50 domains / websites for each location & $100.00 each. for example plumberstreatham.co.uk is one domain/location. If you wish to add another area in the same website with different address and/or phone number the cost is $5 each. For example plumberstreatham.co.uk/streatham-hill.

What do I get per website?

for each location in the 50 domains package you get:

  • SSL certificates are setup via CloudFlare.com using their FREE certificate!! Improves SEO positioning.
  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster tools to notify google search to find and index your websites and revisit them regularly.
  • Google Analytics account, adding analytics ID tracker for each website so you can messure the performance of each website.
  • If you have your own code that is required to be inserted to the websites, this also done as part of the setup.
  • Do we use Wordpress? No we use our own in house designed system to create the websites, hense the costs are low.
  • We have smart system, allowing us to make changes to each template and in turn all changes apply in real time to all websites in seconds.


Example of websites crerated for our clients.

Locksmith in Greater London
Towing service for client in NYC
Towing for client in Atlanta GA
Water Damage
Water Damage restoration in New York
Electrician company in London
Locksmith in Philadelphia


What and how we do it.

We have been using this system for our own business, hense the reason why we exclude some of the categrories in some locations. The system works for organic and for those who want to include their website in Google My Business Page, or PPC. The organic results are great with reviews showing on sub locations of the website, the system scans reviews from all over the internet and adds them to the pages automatically, in turn Google and Bing includes the reviews in the organic search results.

You may ask why do this for other companies and not for us only? The answer is simple, we only provide some services such as locksmith, towing, pluming in some areas, and not covering every location. The locations are free for you if you are from a location that can benefit from our platform.

We will also provide additional ways in which you can improve the SEO by including references inside your websites for those who do not know. Nothing special - just basic info - we do not sell this information, it's common knowledge for most website owners and we provided it free of charge as part of the process.

The process

The stages from contacting us.

Contact Us

Please send us email to "websites@isralondon.co.uk"

Payments in USD $

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